Beware Companies Offering Jobs at a Price


DECATUR-John Davenport was looking for work on Decatur's Craigslist. He came across a company called Worksource Center.  They said they would give him work as a carpet installer but needed him to send 99 dollars for a background check. 

He didn't give it to them. Davenport says their request sent up some red flags.

"This doesn't happen very often that they want me to send them money right of the bat, because I usually get paid," Davenport said.    

There are also many people who have complained about this company on consumer websites, saying they paid the money but never got the job.

The company has a Chicago area code and a New York mailing address and it has a "c" rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Our calls to them were not returned.

The FTC warns people about companies like this one. They advise people to reject any company on Craigslist that promises to get you a job and be skeptical of any employment-service firm that charges first, even if it guarantees refunds.

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