Extra toys and food handed out just in time for Christmas


DECATUR -- There was a long line early Monday morning at The Salvation Army Community Center. Folks that didn't apply in advance to receive help were able to show up, provide a little information, and go home with much needed food and toys for Christmas morning.

Christine Hart brought a friend to The Salvation Army.

"I'm down here because I brought a young lady that has a 24-year-old daughter that had a stroke, and she has four grand kids, so I brought her down here to try and help her out," said Hart.

Hart says the work these volunteers are doing, is beyond appreciated.

"Very grateful for them to do things like this. They're helping millions of people," said Hart

This is the fifth, and most special, year Sandra Stiverson and her husband Leonard have volunteered here.

"It's very special because my husband got a new kidney three months ago, and we are blessed, so we want to give back and that's why we do this," said Stiverson.

The toys and food being handed out today are part of a surplus The Salvation Army didn't plan on having.

"We've had so many people donate, almost all of our industries gave and WAND, without them, I don't know what we would do," said Stiverson.

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