Interfaith Breakfast Raises Money for Habitat for Humanity



SPRINGFIELD -- Not too long ago, it's something you may not have seen. Even now, in some parts of the world, it just doesn't happen; people of all faiths sitting down for a holiday meal. 

Les Eastep helped organize volunteer efforts in the kitchen of the Temple B'Rith Sholom for it's 9th annual Interfaith Holiday Breakfast.

"We serve people from all over the community. Not just the Jewish community, but I'd venture to say that 75% of our people that are here today are not Jewish," said Eastep.

Rabbi Michael Datz says that's what's truly special about this breakfast, it isn't about what you believe, or who you pray to, just good people coming together for a good cause.

"It's an annual Christmas day event, on Christmas morning. The proceeds from all the ticket sales go to a charity that we designated earlier. This year, the proceeds are all going to Sangamon County Habitat for Humanity," said Datz.

Local businesses pick up the bill for the food, an army of interfaith volunteers make it happen.
"A lot of families are spread out all over the country, so some people celebrate Christmas alone. It's a chance for them to be in a nice environment and have a good time," added Datz.


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