Fiscal Cliff Could Lead to "Spoiled Milk" Prices


Pana -  Cows at are hard at work Clavin's Dairy Farm in Rosamond.

Their milk is said to do a body good, but in a week it may soon make your wallet turn sour.

Unless Congress can come to an agreement before January 1st, a 1949 law will go into effect, eliminating a current dairy subsidy.

Meaning days of paying $2.99 for milk will be no more, and milk could cost you $7.00, or even $8.00 a gallon.

Shoppers at the Save-a-Lot in Pana told WAND News the thought of prices that high are enough to make them consider drinking less or even completely giving up milk.

"I would probably buy it once a month, no more than that, because of the cost," said Malinda McClure.

Catlin Davis said families will especially struggle if milk prices soar to $8.00.
"I don't feel like it's realistic, when we have other resources, to make the people pay $8.00 for one gallon of milk when a family maybe only makes $8.50 an hour," said Davis.

Save-a-Lot store owner Tim Christer agreed.

"What're you going to feed them for breakfast?  You have your cereal and your milk, I mean, families are going to really have to face some tough choices," said Christer.

Shoppers said it's time Congress lived in the shoes of every day people.

Beth Mathias said,"let them come live where we live and deal with what we deal with."

"Just get off their butts and do something instead of playing around with this," added McClure.

Davis said,"instead of taxing the people, maybe cut their own spending."

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