Pet Shelter Gets Major Donations


DECATUR- At Homeward Bound Pet shelter they save 600 hundred dogs and cats each year.  And now, with generous help from the community, they're confident they can keep going."

Just last week they weren't sure if they could stay open for another year. WAND-TV aired a story about their struggle to stay open.

"Right after the story, the morning after, we received a ten thousand dollar donation," says Macon Resources Director Dreux Lewandowski. "And then it was just a landslide.  Larger donations, smaller donations ultimately bringing us to where we are today at $46 thousand dollars."

Forty-six thousand dollars for the animals and the developmentally disabled people through Macon Resources who receive job training at Homeward Bound. 

They're still four thousand dollars shy of their goal, but they're overwhelmed by the community's response.

"It's just remarkable that people came through for us and we hope that it continues," Lewadowski says.

If you'd like to help: to donate in person, stop by 1720 East Huston drive in Decatur; by mail at PO Box 3831 Decatur62524 or donate by phone.  If you'd like to donate online, here's the link:

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