Quick Fix for the Nations Farm Bill


Congress has reached a deal to avoid the milk price hike, with an extension of the farm bill, and key dairy price support.


Grocery and dairy prices were about to skyrocket unless action was taken. Congress decided to extend the 2008 farm bill into next September until a new farm bill can be passed.


The lack of action has caused a lot of uncertainty for farmers across Illinois. Farm Editor, Stu Ellis has many questions for what is to come. "How much safety net is there going to be?  Whether there's going to be crop insurance?  Where it's going to be funded?  What are premiums going to be?  Those types of things.  Working without a five year permanent farm legislation really creates uncertainty.  It's just kind of like the weather."


The senate had passed a new five year farm bill, but the house never acted on it. The new congress is expected to take up the farm bill again in early spring.

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