Decatur Park District to Build Two New Mini Golf Courses


Decatur - It's been a big part of Decatur's south end for almost 33 years, but by the end of the summer Paul's Puttin' Place mini golf course will be gone.

That's because the Decatur Park District will open two new courses off of Illinois Route 36 at Nelson Park.

The course will be built by Indiana-based Weber Group at a cost of about $1.2 million dollars.

When built the fan favorite Paul's Puttin' Place will be gone, but park district director of recreation Becky Newton said part of Paul's could live on through the new course.

"One of the neat things that we're going to do is do a design survey type of contest with all of the grade school kids in Macon County.  We are not finished with what the courses will look like yet, so we want to hear what people like.  Maybe there's a favorite hole at Paul's.  So we can bring some of those elements over," Newton told WAND News.

That could Help keep a piece of Decatur's past alive in Nelson Park.

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