Firefighters' warning: watch out for thin ice


CHAMPAIGN -- With the cold temperatures, firefighters are warning to watch out for thin ice.

Local lakes and ponds are freezing over, but this freezing and thawing makes water a dangerous place to be, said Champaign Fire Marshal John Koller.

Earlier this week a man died in Champaign after falling through the ice on a retention pond.

Koller advises using common sense when it comes to your kids, yourself and your four-legged friends.

"Pets go out onto the ice, and of course the owner goes out and tries to rescue that pet," said Koller. "And they end up in a situation themselves."

If someone falls through the ice, Koller says the rule of thumb is if you're on shore, reach out if the person is an arm's length away. Any further than that, he said, means time to call for help.

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