Police respond to shots fired multiple times


Champaign – Police are investigating a rash of gun violence that took place on Sunday.


Officers were called out to Holly Hill Drive, three separate times Sunday. The first time was at 4:30 am, rounds were fired through the wall of a child's bedroom. Fortunately that child was not hurt.


Then last night, a 23 year old, man was grazed with a bullet while watching TV in his living room in the 15 hundred block of Holly Hill Drive.


At 11:12PM several residents reported hearing gunshots, in the 1500 block of Holly Hill drive. Two residents noticed several rounds had entered their home. No injuries were reported.


Police are also looking into a report of shots fired shortly after 2pm in the 200 block of Bellefontaine. An elderly woman reported that several shots were fired into her home.

Police are investigating and have not made any arrests. If you have any information please contact the Champaign police department at 351-4545.

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