Developer Seeks Out Spot for New County Market in Decatur


If you drive past Decatur's Grand Avenue and Route 48 South, you will see a familiar sight of vacant land.

An area Deborah Eckart looks at daily.

Deborah Eckart said, "they tore that laundry mat down and that used to be an Eisners long ago and I was glad they did. You know it was getting awful run down and nobody was really there."

However, in February, a change may be coming to the city's Westside.

Niemann Foods wants to build a County Market in that area.

Billy Tyus, the Assistant City Manager of Decatur said, "the Speed Lube across the street, the Walgreens, you got the McArthur High School renovations that are going to be coming here really soon. So we think that this is just another addition to what is already a rapidly developing area."

Tyus said, Niemann Foods has different business around town and have a good track record of prosperous businesses.

"This project is a multi-million-dollar project. It's upwards of I believe $15 million. . . We think that says a lot about this developers willingness to develop in our community," Tyus added.

A spot some neighbors said will be easier to grocery shop.

"Glad, I really am. There's Kroger over here, but this way we can walk and I'm really glad. It's closer for me," Eckart said.

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