Council Hears Positive Water Update


DECATUR-The Lake is 88 percent full, a full foot over the normal winter pool and Monday night, city council heard a positive update.

The lake today now quite a different picture from this summer, when parts of Lake Decatur looked like a desert wasteland.  At its lowest, just over half full. This sparked emergency measures that cost the city millions of dollars they built a temporary pipeline and are still in the process of digging supplemental wells.  And we were under stage two water restrictions for months under which commercial car washes could not operate. 

But now, the lake is at a healthy level.  They've even been draining some of the water since Christmas Eve because the water freezes and ice on the lake and it can cause damage to the shoreline.

Still though, with much of this area listed as abnormally dry, they warn we're not out of the woods just yet and urge you to conserve.

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