Decatur's Route 6W a success so far


DECATUR -- A noticeable change in downtown Decatur has been the rerouting of truck traffic.

The truck traffic businesses complained about for years -- that problem's mostly gone, according local business owners.

Back in October the city started enforcing Route 6W. (6W standing for vehicles with over six wheels.)

According to the city ordinance, those trucks (including trailers) must stay off Franklin, Water and Main Streets between Wood and Eldorado Streets downtown.

So keeping those big trucks off downtown streets also keeps them away from some of the local businesses, like Decatur Coin and Jewelry on Main Street.

Owner Bennie Strumpher says the "wall of truck traffic" used to be a nuisance. Large trucks traveling high speeds used to shake the building, Strumpher said.

Strumpher thinks the city is doing a good job at enforcing it. However, he says you still see the occasional truck fly past the windows.

"It's weird," said Strumpher. "It's like wow, that's crazy, so we don't notice it. But when it does happen, it's a big deal."

Trucks making deliveries to downtown businesses are an exception. They have designated parking spaces where they're allowed to make their deliveries outside of rush hour.

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