Poll: Congress less popular than cockroaches, Nickelback


DECATUR -- Congress' approval rating is a low one, but a shocking poll puts it in a new perspective.

Public Policy pollsters put congress against some of the things America hates most, including Kim Kardashian.

Right now Congress' approval rating is at a meager 9 percent, and 85 percent of Americans view federal lawmakers in a negative light. But what's more embarrassing is just how unpopular congress is.

Those polled preferred used car salesmen, root canals and even cockroaches over Congress. And nearly three-quarters say they favor lice over the legislature.

So WAND asked some Decatur residents if they have hope in Congress.

"They're just so far apart anymore. It's embarrassing," said Jered Cook. "It's sad. So I don't have any hope, and we're in trouble."

When asked if he had hope in Congress, Nick Walker said yes.

"I do," said Walker. "Hopefully they will get it all together and get back on track like what America used to be."

According to the poll, even a famously-hated band -- Nickelback -- has more fans than current congressional leaders.

But it's not all bad news for lawmakers. Congress still beat Lindsay Lohan, Communism and The Kardashians.

You can see the full poll results on Sitewatch.

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