Flu Season Making Big Impact Already


Decatur - The flu has arrived with plenty of warning signs.

St. Mary's Hospital chief physician executive Dr. Maria Granzotti told WAND News,"people will often times will have fevers, will have body aches, they'll have Myalgia's.  Those are what we call those body aches.  They will likely have a cough, some respiratory symptoms, some nasal congestions."

Including Illinois, 41 states have seen widespread flu activity.

In fact, 147 people have been hospitalized with flu-like illness, compared to two people a year ago.

There have been six flu related deaths.

There is hope to beat the flu.

Its name is Tamiflu.

"Flu season has started so early and has been so severe people just can't shake it.  Instead of just going through one round of antibiotics, they're going through two or three before they can get rid of it," said pharmacist and pharmacy owner Dale Colee.

However because of the number of flu cases already, pharmacists like Colee, fear that demand could end up being greater than supply for the medication. 

"It depends on how severe the flu season is and how long it lasts.  It could be pretty tense about some of the supplies."

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