Police Still Investigating Double Murder on New Year's Eve


SPRINGFIELD -- Ten days have passed with no arrests in a double murder in the 900 block of North Ninth Street. The New Year's Eve tragedy left 24-year-old Andrea Pocklington dead. She was seven months pregnant. Her mother, Kristen Martin desperately wants answers.  

"I am very angry, and as a matter of fact, her son is very angry, and he's five," said Martin, who has recently taken in Andrea's three surviving children. The oldest has advanced cerebral palsy.

"I would hope that if somebody knows who did this to my child and grandchild, that they would step forward and let us know who did it or call the authorities and tell them," added Martin.

Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher says his detectives are looking into a new possibility.

"We've got a ton of information, we are getting a lot of people that are calling, we've interviewed a lot of people, and we still have a lot more that we're looking at," said Buscher.

Ten days before the double murder, two men were beaten over their heads with beer bottles just across the street. 

"They were right there in the same block, they were both violent crimes, and we're just making sure they're not tied together," added Buscher.

He says people have been coming forward, but the tip that could close this case, may still be out there.

"If there is anybody out there that we haven't talked to yet that has information, call us or call crime stoppers, because we definitely need it," said Buscher.

For the family of murdered Andrea Pocklington, answers could provide closure.

"She did not deserve that she did not deserve what happened to her. These babies certainly did not deserve to lose their mother, we didn't deserve to lose Andrea," said Pocklington's aunt Bridget Young.

If you have any information in this double murder, or any other crime, you're urged to call Sangamon County Crime Stoppers at 788-8427.


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