Doctors Could Face Challenge Getting License Renewed


Springfield - On Wednesday the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation sent a letter to doctors.

The message clear: eighteen workers in charge of issuing doctors licenses were cut, leaving only eight workers to cover all the doctor in Illinois.

This stems from an almost $10 million dollar shortfall in the department's budget.

One doctor said these cuts could cause problems for patients.

"There will be thousands of people in the state of Illinois who won't have a doctor," Dr. James Wade told WAND News.

Wade says these reductions will cause massive delays in doctors receiving their licenses.

It's not just current doctors who would be affected by the delays.

Medical students will be impacted as well.

"We have about 107 new training physicians coming into our system at the end of June," said Dr. Karen Broquet from the SIU School of Medicine.

Leaving young doctors-to-be in a tough situation too.

"In years past, there's been three full time employees assigned to that and we always cut it down to the wire with folks getting license," added Broquet.

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