Sangamon County Sheriff to Reactivate Drug Enforcement Team


SPRINGFIELD -- Robbery, aggravated assault, and murder, are just some of the crimes on the rise in Sangamon County. 

Sheriff Neil Williamson says that's due to the rise in drug trafficking and a lack of drug enforcement resources. That's why his office will reactivate the Drug Interdiction Response, or D.I.R.T. team.

Williamson says that may mean more overtime and less deputy coverage for the rest of the county, but it is something that has to be done. 

"We are either going to continue to see increased murder increased drugs, skyrocketing crime, or something has to give and take here. I don't like this anymore than anyone else does," said Williamson.

The D.I.R.T. team will be reactivated this march and will consist of three Sangamon County deputies.




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