Arcola Attracts Locals and Tourists with New Hotel


A new hotel gives Arcola residents and tourists a big city feel in a small town. However, it's more than just a hotel. Local people welcome you at the front door, while other local artifacts add a personal touch in the hallways.

Cassie Yoder with Marketing and Development for Green Mill Village said, "no other Best Western can say that they have that, and we can say that we have that here in Arcola."

If you stay a night at the Best Western Plus at Green Mill Village, Yoder said, the art tells a story. It takes you through parts of Illinois. If you head down highway 133, you will see some of Richard Herschberger's photos come to life. Guests can also drive a few blocks down the street and meet the artists in person.

"Inside the guest rooms all of the case goods are from Simply Amish. So the history is going to be so unique. You can literally flip an end table over and see who hand crafted it. You can see the shop it came from," Yoder added.

The new hotel sits on a 65 acre development and has been in the works since 2007. The Best Western Plus has three floors and 68 rooms. All of the rooms are maintained by people that live in the community.

Best Western Plus' General Manager Christine Cloyd said, "we want to make sure people work in this area and have an opportunity." "To have something this beautiful here and you know it's just all local people, so it means so much more and they have more pride in it."

Nearly 250 people sent in their application. Fifteen people were hired. The general manager said, once more people make reservations, then more local people will have a job.

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