Rend Lake area gets US grant for water main work


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- State officials are putting up nearly $2 million in federal disaster money to relocate a water line that runs under Rend Lake in southern Illinois.


The federal grant is administered by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. It goes to the Rend Lake Conservancy District to make the water main easier to fix after a disaster like an earthquake.


The 18-inch pipe delivers drinking water to 39,000 residents of Jefferson County. Towns include Belle Rive, Bluford, Bonnie, Dix, Ina, Mount Vernon, Nason, Waltonville and Woodlawn.


The grant will pay three-quarters of the cost of moving the line so that it bypasses Rend Lake.


The federal money is administered by the Illinois Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.




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