Illinois Residents Recover Millions Through ICASH


DECATUR-there's nearly two billion dollars in unclaimed property and cash in the state of Illinois

It's a program through the State Treasurer's Office called I-Cash.

You can look up your name and see if you have any unclaimed accounts from businesses and banks that the State Treasurer is holding onto. 

"I would have thought I would have been the last person to expect i had money out there i didn't know about," says Jeanna Meers.

But she went online and found out she had an overpayment and unpaid wages, the total for both of them was over 200 dollars.

Barbara Schaab also has unrecovered money.

"It's under a hundred dollars, it does say that, but still," Schaab says.  "I can use that."

To get your money you have to prove your identity and fill out some paperwork.

One in eight people has unclaimed assets.

If you'd like to check out if you have unclaimed assets click on this link:

I-Cash representatives will be in Moultrie County to help people recover unclaimed property and cash. 

They'll be in at the Moultrie County Courthouse on Wednesday, January 23rd from 10 am to 1 pm.

They say more than 3 thousand people in Moultrie County have more than 3 hundred thousand dollars in unclaimed property.

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