New crime unit vehicle


Decatur – A new crime scene unit is on the job for Decatur Police.


The crime scene vehicle was unveiled this morning. After years of needing one centralized location to store crime scene equipment. Police say the vehicle will help them process crime scenes anywhere, quicker, and more efficiently.


Decatur Police Investigations, Lt. Cody Moore is excited about the new changes, "It's all right here. It's gonna be light speeds ahead of where we were before. Somebody would have to respond to the crime scene, assess what we need, and then go back and get them. Now, we know we've got it. If there's some other specialized stuff we need, we may have to make a trip or two. Unless its weather or temp sensitive, it's gonna be on board."


The vehicle will be outfitted with evidence packaging materials, fingerprint and DNA collections kits, and other materials police would use when processing a crime scene.

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