Jury ruled the shooting of Matthew Hollgarth was justified


DECATUR -- New details are out surrounding the case involving an off-duty conservation police officer that shot and killed a Decatur man.

A coroner's inquest jury ruled Wednesday that the shooting was justified.

Matthew Hollgarth was killed December 16 during a home invasion.

After a physical fight between Hollgarth and his girlfriend, police said the girlfriend ran to the nearest house she saw.

After being told to stay back numerous times, Hollgarth knocked down the door and the officer shot him.

Decatur Police Lt. Cody Moore said this could have happened to any private homeowner.

"What we didn't focus on in this case was the fact that he was an off-duty law enforcement officer," Moore said. "We focused on the fact that he's a homeowner. He's not on duty, he's at home. He's in his own residence, and then this comes up on his porch."

In the 911 call, the officer warned Hollgarth numerous times to "stay back", and that he had a firearm.

You can hear the entire 911 call here.

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