Police Warn Drivers About Car Thieves this Winter


Decatur - When it gets this cold many people will leave their car running while running errands or getting gas in their car, but in those few minutes, crooks could drive off with your vehicle.

In fact, over five cars have already been stolen in Decatur already this year when people left their running vehicle unattended.
One Decatur police sergeant says this is a crime that could be easily avoided.

"You create a crime of opportunity for somebody who is willing and able to steal a vehicle.  If you don't leave your vehicle running and unattended, the crime doesn't happen," detective Shane Brandel told WAND News.

Detective Brandel said if you're one to leave a car running to get warm. you should look into getting a remote starter.
He did advise that still won't be a guarantee that you won't become a victim of car theft while it is warming up.

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