County After Deadbeats


Decatur - Court fines, court Costs, traffic fines, restitution to a victim.  All ways you can end up owing Macon County money.

Now, Macon County is being aggressive in collecting back fines & fees.  By hiring a collection agency the county has just taken in $320,000 from delinquent payers.  That's after collecting only $18,000 the previous five years.

"What we found is that many people paid fines but they didn't pay court costs," Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk Gary Glosser told WAND News.  Glosser says the circuit clerk's office has been going back through old files finding outstanding money owed to the county.

"It let's people know that if they owe money we're going to be looking to collect," says States Attorney Jay Scott.

The county has nearly $38 million owed to it.  The reality is people have died, or are in prison, and most of the money will never be collected.  "You still have to be able to collect the money and you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip," Scott said.

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