Truancy preview


Decatur – To be chronically truant, a student misses nine or more days of school without an excuse.


In Decatur both high schools are well over the state average. In 2012, 40 percent of students were chronically truant at Eisenhower High School. At Macarthur, more than 35 percent were chronically truant.


The state average is just eight point six percent. At Eisenhower, there are now two school intervention officers in place. A big part of their job is to make sure kids are in school.


Deputy Superintendent, Lisa Mann says limited resources have been a problem, and the School Improvement Grant should help the truancy problem. "We knew we needed some more support.  That's an area that has been a concern for us for a while.  Hopefully we'll see some of those returns this year."


MacArthur does not have student interventionists, but they do have similar services through the district's Department of Student Services.  

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