Hip Hop Leadership Lecture Series


Champaign – The University of Illinois welcomed a top automotive designer on campus Wednesday.


Ralph Gilles is a Senior VP for Chrysler. He spoke to a crowd at the Beckman Institute, about his career path, and how he became a unique car designer. Gilles said popular culture has influenced his work.


Dr. William Patterson, from the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations wanted students to learn to use their knowledge for innovative solutions. "What we wanted to do with this event was kind of for students to see themselves in Mr. Gille's experience, to really think about experiential learning in the context of, 'how do we take the knowledge we get here at the Orange and Blue and apply that in real world settings.'"


The lecture is part of the I-Powered Hip Hop Leadership Lecture Series. The annual event will focus on community business and technology.

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