Drunk driving arrest leads to altercation with a dog


Champaign – Officers responded to the 1000 block of W. William Street for a female driving under the influence.


A vehicle cut off another vehicle near Prospect and Springfield Avenue. The drive continued driving through a red light. The other driver followed to get the vehicle's license plate number. A number was obtained and given to police.


Shortly after 11 PM, officers received a call about the same vehicle traveling north bond on Neil Street. The driver was described as a white female with blonde hair, and was seen leaving a local tavern in the 300 block of S. Neil Street.


Police arrived at the suspect's home, and arrested 52 year old Lisa Ehler for driving under the influence. While police arrested Ehler, a male exited the home and spoke with officers. The male attempted to take the suspects vehicle, police ordered the man to stop.


The man walked back inside and began yelling for his dog. Officers commanded him to leave his dog inside the home. However, the man released the dog and began giving commands for it to attack the officers.


The dog ran toward them, and began growling when the officers tried to kick the dog away. The officer feared the dog would attack and fatal shot the dog. Police contacted Animal Control, and attempted to arrest the man, identified as John Cargo. Cargo resisted and caused injuries to himself and an officer, as they both fell into a thorn bush and on landscaping bricks.

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