New Tax Checkoff for Childhood Cancer Research


DECATUR-Childhood cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in Illinois.  But you can help reduce that, just by paying your taxes.

For the first time, you can give to the Illinois Childhood Cancer Research Fund.  On Schedule G on your 2012 state tax return there's an option to give a donation of a dollar or more.  It's a tax check off box.

Giving to the organization will support research to better understand, treat, and fight childhood cancer.

Decatur resident Jennifer Pramuk's daughter Zoe has Leukemia.  Zoe has just completed more than two years of chemo and turns eight Monday. Pramuk supports this fund because of kids like her daughter.

"She's had a hard road and we are very lucky because it's worked for her," Pramuk says. "But there are plenty of other kids who suffer side effects from the treatments who don't survive the treatments.  And we need better treatments for these kids."

Pramuk says childhood cancer is under-researched and there haven't been enough medicines made for kids over the past 20 years.

If you get your taxes filed by a preparer and would like to give, this is something you'd want to mention to them they could easily over look it.

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