Decatur School District to Make Big Cuts


DECATUR-The school board met Tuesday to discuss the state of the district.  And the financial update is grim.  They're going to have to make 8 million dollars in cuts.

The school board learned the main reason: they don't have enough money coming in. The state is late in making payments and next year it's expected to get worse.  Plus fewer local tax dollars are coming in. 

Superintendent Gloria Davis says they're trying to preserve the classroom.

"The majority of the budget is people so from all of the things that surround the classroom that we look at first," Davis says.  "Support staff, support programs, other areas that as don't impact the classroom as much directly.  Those are the things we consider first and foremost."

The specific cuts will be discussed and voted on at future board meetings.  They're going to have a public meeting to talk about those cuts. It'll be February 20th at the Keil Building.

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