Bone Marrow Could Save Woman's Life


Forsyth -  A mother of three, Sarah Parker of St. Joe, is fighting for her life battling a rare form of leukemia.

Staff at the Harbor Light Hospice in Forsyth are working quickly to help her find a donor match for a possibly life saving bone marrow transplant.  Time is short.

"She has a very rare form of leukemia.  It is very, very serious," LaRea Birt of Harbor Light told WAND News.  "If she doesn't get a match her chances of survival are slim."

One donor has been found that is an 80% match.  Doctors would prefer a person that is a 90% or more match to reduce the chance of Sarah's body rejecting the bone marrow.  If a better donor can not be found the transplant will be with the donor that is the 80% match.

Sarah was diagnosed in October.  She is currently in a Chicago hospital.

Sarah has a Facebook page called, "Hope for Sarah Parker."  Donations can be made to

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