Decatur Officials Hold Meeting to End Violence


DECATUR - City officials and community members united to discuss ways to curb the city's violence on Wednesday.

For over two hours, plans were discussed inside the Decatur Public Library's Madden Auditorium.

Local organizations like DOVE and Black Caring Men of Decatur spoke to the audience about their work within the community.

Much of the conversation was centered around reaching out to at-risk youth.

Other proposals involved increasing police patrol, adding to mental health services and creating jobs.

The town meeting was hosted by Decatur City Council Member Pat McDaniel, Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider and Apostle Roland C. Cook of God's Supply House.

McDaniel said they will plan to hold a second meeting.

Schneider confirmed that a local group, wishing to remain anonymous at this time, has offered to donate funds to the effort.

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