Decatur Schools Looking at $7.3 Million Dollars in Budget Cuts


Decatur - Schools all across the state have seen reductions in state aid, forcing many to make budget cuts.

On Wednesday night, those reductions added up to a big proposal for District 61 in Decatur.

The district is looking at making nearly $8 million dollars in reductions.

Those reductions would mean eliminating jobs in Decatur schools.

"You don't want to have people lose their jobs.  They have families.  They have responsibilities, but at the same time, in order to run a district or orgnization we have to adjust to the revenue shortfalls, and this is about loss of revenue," Decatur Superintendent Gloria Davis told WAND News.

In fact, Decatur public schools will receive about 6% less in general state aid from Illinois this year.

That reduction could result in the loss of 24 teaching jobs and dozens of support staff in the district, and some people at Wednesday night's meeting said the lack of cuts to the administration seems unfair.

"The cuts do not, for lack of a better way to put it, look proportionate when you look at central office and building administration.  None of those people are losing their jobs,"said Paula Busboom.

The board of education proposed nearly $500,000 in cuts to programs like Special Education, and $425,000 to Phoenix 2, which helps with pregnant mothers in school, and Busboom said kids could be the ones who pay.

"The students are of today are what hopefully are going to be the future of our community, and what we're doing now is going to impact that," said Busboom.

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