Landlines Hurting 911 Bottom Line


DECATUR-Many rural 9-1-1 centers are struggling to make ends meet. But a new bill in Illinois could help that.

9-1-1 call centers get their money from a surcharge.

There's one for a landline and one for a cell phone you pay each month.

But more people are dropping their landlines and it is costing the centers. The surcharge for a landline is significantly more than a cell phone.

A house bill would propose to raise the cell phone surcharge from 73 cents to a dollar. Piatt county 9-1-1 director Jim Cripe says they need the help.

"We're down to the point now, there's no more cutting," Cripe says. "There's nothing more to cut."

Cripe's office is already running at a deficit. He says they need more money coming in to stay open.

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