Self Instructors Teaching How to Fight Back Against Fake Cop


Springfield - The first report of a man claiming to be an officer happened on Old Jacksonville Road in Sangamon County on last Sunday.
A teenaged girl told Sangamon County sheriff's deputies the man pulled her over and attempted to assault her.
The girl fought back and was able to get away.
A second woman reported being pulled over two days later.
These incidents have self-defense instructors warning people to be prepared and ready incase they become the next target.

"I think that the awareness and the assessment, always being aware.  You know as we talked about the other day, what we really want to emphasize is in the program it's more than just how to get away from a wrist grab or choke.  So we want to teach people how to understand the psychological dynamics of a selection process, and the awareness and assessment of how to take that," said John Geyston, head instructor at the John Geyston Martial Arts Academy.

Geyston said being ready for anything will be your best defense.
He also added that something as simple as your car keys could help you get out of a dangerous situation.

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