FAA Cuts Could Affect Local Airports


Decatur - If a deal isn't met, possibly 100 air traffic control towers would be shut down.
If that happens, pilot Tim Hill said it will be a big headache for pilots, dispatchers, and passengers.
That would force pilots to handle scheduling landing and take-offs with each other.

"It would turn them into an uncontrolled airport.  The thing with an uncontrolled field is there is no one there to give each pilot specific instructions on what route to fly or what pattern to fly to arrive at the airport.  So we would actually have to, while we're flying, coordinate with other pilots," Hill told WAND News.

Some smaller airports around the U.S. already have this in place, but not some airports in central Illinois, like Springfield and Bloomington.
Hill also said, with cuts like this more time will be taken causing more delays, something he pilots hate and irritates passengers.

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