Skate park plans honoring crash victims in jeopardy



LOVINGTON -- Plans are in jeopardy to build a skate park honoring three young boys who died in Moultrie County.

The crash killed four people in Lovington in 2011, including Candi Bennett's son, Dakota Hoffman, 8.

She said building the park will cost $47,000 and is just $5,000 dollars short.

If they don't come up with the money by next Monday, Bennett said the village board will reject the project.

"Whether the skate park is in their memory or not, it's not gonna change the fact that they're gone," said Bennett.  "They're never going to be able to come back, but the kids that are left here will be able to enjoy [the skate park]."

Some critics of the project worry about taxes and liabilities.

If you'd like to donate, a rummage and bake sale is set for Saturday in Hammond.

Or you can mail donations for the skate park to the address to: 415 Panther Drive, Lovington, IL 61937.


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