Ball-Chatham School Board Approves $3 Million Dollar Cuts


Chatham - The Ball-Chatham School District board of education voted unanimously to cut $3 million dollars in the budget Monday night.
Like many school districts in Illinois, the Ball-Chatham district is seeing red, so to help eliminate a $3 million dollar budget deficit, they've voted to give pink slips to teachers and eliminate programs.

It was a packed room at Chatham Elementary School on Monday night.
The school board announced the district will be receiving less in state aid next fiscal year.
The district said it would be cutting fourteen teaching jobs, and about 25 jobs overall in the district.
Some district employees said until the state settles its messes, local districts are left in limbo.

"Making those cuts is going to hurt kids, and they need to take care of the kids, I mean that's what it's about," said kindergarten teacher Laura Sheedy.

Custodian Debbie Bell told WAND News,"it's one of those things where you don't put all of your ducks into one pond, and I think that's what's happened and everybody's been relying too much on the state and too much with the federal and you need to deal with what you've got."

In addition to job cuts the district plans announced that they will cut some middle school athletics, as well as some high school extracurricular activities.

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