Gun Owners March on Capitol Wednesday


Springfield - Thousands of gun owners from across the state were in Springfield Wednesday.
They said if the other 49 states have concealed carry that Illinois should too.

That's something a federal court ruling agreed with, placing a deadline of June 9th for the state of Illinois to finalize concealed carry into law.

However, lawmakers have not been able to come to an agreement on legislation to date.
That's something that representatives in our area said needs to stop.

Champaign Republican Representative Adam Brown said,"concealed carry needs to be passed as a clean bill that allows law abiding citizens to protect their families and protect our communities."

"Well I think we're getting closer to a concealed carry law and that's where we need to get.  You know we're the only state out of 50, the other 49 already have it, and it's been an issue the last several years," said Litchfield Republican Representative Wayne Rosenthal.

Downstate Democratic Representative Brandon Phelps, who has led the charge on concealed carry, has received bi-partisan support from both Brown and Rosenthal.

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