Lawmakers Unable to Tackle Pension Reform Thursday


Springfield - The governor on Wednesday chastised lawmakers for not tackling a broken pension sooner, and they certainly didn't help their case any on Thursday.

Governor Pat Quinn stated fiscal year 2014's budget was the most difficult budget he's ever had to devise, calling it "a hard pill to swallow."
He placed the blame on the shoulders of lawmakers, saying the state needs their immediate action on pension reform.
However, that action didn't pan out Thursday, leaving one lawmaker saying it'll take more than magic to fix the pension system.

"I don't think there's any magic to the numbers, it's really how they come together to achieve the adequate level of savings that we need to, again, have the increase in the pension payment match the increases in are revenues going forward," said Representative Elaine Nekritz.

Representatives briefly debated and voted on a pension amendment, but nothing was settled on the house floor.


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