Shelbyville Chautauqua Could Face Wrecking Ball


SHELBYVILLE-A one of a kind building in Central Illinois is being threatened by the wrecking ball.

On Monday night, the city council voted to demolish the one hundred ten year old meeting hall known as the Shelbyville Chautauqua, but one group is still holding out hope that a part of their community's history can be saved with your help.

The Shelbyville Chautauqua was built in 1903 in Forest Park as a meeting place for folks to be educated.

But it's seen better days. It hasn't been painted for years, needs a new roof and the windows are rotted out. The city is looking for demolition bids.

Wayne Gray has been leading the charge to save it.

"We've raised a hundred thousand dollars plus," Gray says.

But to fully restore the structure, it will cost roughly one point seven million. They hope someone will save their icon, Before the sun sets over the Chautauqua one last time.

Now, if you'd like to help preserve the Chautauqua, click here.

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