Three pounds of marijuana found in home


Decatur – Police raid a home and find 3 pounds of marijuana.


A detective from Decatur Police obtained a "Knock and Announce" narcotics search for 39 year old Jason Mabry at 1068 W Cerro Gordo Street in Decatur. Police say the Street Crimes Unit, along with Macon County Sheriff's served the warrant, and found more than 13 thousand dollars worth of pot.


Mabry was located inside the home with a plastic bag containing around 3.0 grams of pot inside his pant pocket. During the search police also located a white shopping bag, in the bed room on the northwest side of the home, containing a large amount of pot.


The bag contained 14 individually packaged bags containing about 28.6 grams of pot. Also inside the bag were 2 large freezer bags containing large brick-like bails of pot.


Detectives also located approximately 11.4 grams in the kitchen.


Mabry is currently in the Macon County Jail on a 50,000 dollars bond.

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