Adam Brown Introduces 'Drone' Resolution Thursday


Springfield - Champaign representative Adam Brown filed a resolution opposing the use of drone strikes against people here in the U.S. yesterday.

This comes after a 13-hour filibuster by Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before a senate judiciary committee, saying that President Barack Obama has authority to use unmanned drones to kill U.S.- citizens on American soil.
Echoing Senator Paul's comments, Adam Brown said his resolution helps ensure people's safety.

"A lot of folks don't realize how prevalent these drones are becoming.  And I want to ratify it.  The purpose is that it's used for to protect our rights, but to protect our society as well," Brown told WAND News on Friday.

Brown said that the sheriff's office in Champaign County does have an unmanned drone that they can use for law enforcement purposes.


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