GeoCash hits Decatur



DECATUR -- It's a hobby you'll find in big cities across the world, Now being brought to Decatur by one of its own.

It's called GeoCash.  And it's sending hundreds of people on a scavenger hunt across the county.

From parks, public places and shopping centers -- folks are on the hunt for clues across Decatur and Macon County.

It's a new hobby called GeoCash, and the key word is cash.  Tracking down all the hunts leads right to a $500 cash prize.

Founder Derek Pryor said it's the first of its kind in Central Illinois.

"We need something here in Decatur," Pryor said, who has lived in the area his whole life.  

"I've always heard there's nothing to do in this town.  So being able to create something that people can get out and have fun and spend time with family and friends is definitely a win-win."

To start hunting for clues, the puzzles are posted online at


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