Fake travel voucher warning


A free trip for two to anywhere in the country is hard to refuse, and that was almost the case for one local couple after they got a fake voucher in the mail.  It was from a non-existent travel agency.

Travel Union is essentially giving away free cash, $1,298.00, in a signed travel voucher, so the couple called the agency at the provided number and set up an appointment.  At the appointment, they  would need to fill out a form and bring a current drivers license and a major credit card.  But before the meeting could even take place, they recognized red flags: A fake airline company, American Airways, and the Travel Union in Scottsdale, Ariz. doesn't exist.  In fact the first thing that pops up when someone searches it is a listing on Ripoff Report, so the couple canceled the meeting.  And local law enforcement said it was a good thing they did.

"If you're doing a personal meeting with somebody, it's hard telling what some of these people have in mind," said Lt. Jamie Belcher.  "It could be anything from the just wanting to get your information, harmless type stuff, to an actual armed robbery."

Lt. Belcher said that the biggest warning sign is if you didn't solicit the offer yourself.  Also be aware of any simple misspellings and do research to make sure the company exists.  The lieutenant also said this type of deal is not uncommon this time of year around tax season.

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