Maroa to possibly make history in local election


History could be made in the town of Maroa next month. In this year's mayoral race, residents could elect their first female mayor ever.

On the ballot in this year's Maroa mayoral race: current Mayor Ted Agee and candidate Lisa Bruner. Should Bruner win, she will become the first female mayor of Maroa ever. Since Agee became mayor 12 years ago, it's the first time he's run against a woman.

"To me, it's not a competition," Agee said.  "I have things that I want to do for the community. I want to be able to participate. I want to see other people do that to and, you know, whoever fits best with the people at the time I think is the one that should get it."

Agee himself knows something about overcoming adversity. He was one of the youngest candidates to run for mayor, becoming mayor at just 26 years old. This year he's up against Bruner, a lifelong Maroa resident. And at Saturday's meet and greet, she said she could be the town's ticket to improving communication between the city and its committees. And the fact that she could be the first female mayor ever?

"I think that that just shows that Maroa is willing to step up to the plate and move in with the century," Bruner said.  "I'm not saying that men aren't doing a great job, they are, but you know, it's time for a new movement here."

Maroa elected its first female alderman in 1996.

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