Nine year old saves dad's life


A nine-year-old boy from Bement became a hero in a matter of minutes Tuesday night.

Keaton, his brother and his dad were on their way to go pickup their uncle when the unthinkable happened.

"I was scared that we all die," Keaton Wright said.

Because while driving along the Monticello Deland blacktop Sterling Wright lost control of his car, it flipped upside down and the next thing they knew they were stuck in a ditch.

"I kept asking Keaton, are you guys okay, are you guys okay? That's all I kept asking about were the kids," Wright described.

And the kids were okay and calm. Keaton got himself and his brother out of the car before saving his dad.

"I've been watching TV on survival shows on cars and car wrecks and I thought that I should just break the window so my dad could crawl out," Keaton said.  "I looked in a ditch for a little bit.  I finally found a rock the size of my fist."  

Keaton said he used the rock he found and threw it at the passenger side door in order to help is dad get out of the car.

"I had a hard time getting my seatbelt off," Wright said.  "If it wasn't for Keaton I wouldn't probably got out."

And it's a good thing he did because minutes later the car went up in flames.

"He's my hero," Wright said.  "I will admit that he is my hero."

And what better way to reward a hero than with a brand new cell phone and two special words from his brother: thank you.

Keaton's fourth grade class heard about what happened and they had a special moment recognizing him as a hero.

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