Community Trying to Save Chautauqua


SHELBYVILLE- Thanks to a community effort a one-of- a- kind building could be rescued in one Central Illinois town.

Last week we told you there were bids to demolish the historic Shelbyville Chautauqua building.

It's been in a state of disrepair for years and expensive insurance forced the city to search for answers.

But since then, there's been a huge community effort to save it including a facebook group, save our Chautauqua, which has helped raise awareness and money: 33 thousand dollars over the past week.

The facebook group founder says people responded to the building in crisis.

"I think maybe like me we've all grown up seeing that big round building in the park, but it's one of those things where you assume nothing will ever happen to it,”says founder Vonda McConnell

They estimate structural repairs will cost at least one hundred fifty thousand most of which they've raised now. A full restoration will cost one point seven million.


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