Taylorville man said yes to a prom dress


A Taylorville man never imagined himself wearing a dress, wig, makeup and shaving his legs, but when it's for a good cause he said he'd do it all over again.

It is snug, it's very form-fitting. I'm okay with that, you know, whatever gets the job done," Eric Bertoldo said of wearing a dress.

It started off as a joke, how much money would people donate to relay for life if Eric Bertoldo wore a dress? That idea made its way to Facebook by Saturday Bertoldo had raised $1,000.

He strutted down the runway at Taylorville Junior High School for their Say Yes to the Dress fundraiser, along with 30 girls showing off some of the dresses that had been donated. It was all to raise money for the American Cancer Society, a cause that hits close to home since his wife was diagnosed with two types of cancer just months ago.

"If this helps other people with cancer awareness then so be it. And I'm just happy to be here standing here in a dress, uh, it's not something I would normally do but I'll do it everyday if I could raise $1,000 a day," Bertoldo said.

In total, just over 280 prom dresses were collected. The fundraiser has already raised at least $2,000.

Another fun way they're raising money is a limousine raffle. Tickets are $10 and the winner gets a free, six hour limo ride anytime he or she chooses.

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