Distracted driving: There's an app for that


Texting and driving, a problem that has been growing over the past ten years, according to the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

"You got more cell phones, more distracted drivers," Sgt. Lydell Kallenbach said of the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

Especially among new drivers.

"They're inexperienced," Sgt. Kallenbach said. "They need their eyes on the road, so I would say inexperienced driving combined with the cell phone is really dangerous."

As for future drivers, parents are setting examples for their children

"That's not a good idea, you know, it's dangerous," said Betsy Crockett. "I wouldn't want my kids to do it."

Cell phone providers are trying to do their part in stopping the bad habit. Like AT&T's Drivemode app. It locks your phone while driving 25 miles per hour or higher, sending automated replies to text messages, letting people know you're driving and it's not safe.

"My children will have those on their phone when they are old enough to drive," Crockett said.

If you get into a major accident, sometimes even a minor one, law enforcement will be looking into your phone activity.

"We're going to check these phones out, make sure no distractions at the time of the accident," said Sgt. Kallenbach.  "Sometimes people, most of the time are cooperative, sometimes they're not.  If they're not cooperative, we'll find probable cause, get search warrant and check the phone."

Both the Macon County Sheriff's Office and City of Decatur Police Department have had recent accidents where phone records were checked.

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