Experts say sports gambling like drug addiction


CHAMPAIGN - Brackets are set, cue the music, the big dance has begun.

"It's just exciting every year to see what my bracket's gonna look like every year," said basketball fan Lashaunda Cunningham.

But there 's a game college athletes won't be playing that's bringing new meaning to the madness in march.

"March Madness is a huge time for gambling and it's like the introduction to the gateway drug of sports gambling," said University of Illinois Professor John Kindt.

And it has become a serious problem for younger people.

"Who don't realize how destructive gambling can be," Professor Kindt added. "And then they move on to other type of gambling such as video gambling machines which are known as the crack-cocaine of creating new addicted gamblers."

But not everyone who's gambled becomes addicted. Some fans have decided that betting on games isn't for them.

"I think people in general are realizing it's a lose-lose proposition," Kindt said.

Like Isaac Holze who has learned the hard way.

"If I play poker, if I put any money down, I just assume it's gonna be gone," he said.

Money that may be gone, but excitement that's here to stay.

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